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Dancer's Calling is a 45-minute feature documentary about being a dancer, directed by Clément Godet.

On April 25, 2018, through the historic creation of a "choreography" section, dance finally joined the Academy of Fine Arts of the Institute of France. This act marked a first step towards the recognition of dance as a major art in its own right but also of all those who choose to make it their vocation. 


Dancer's Calling offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself within the professional training of students at the James Carlès choreographic center in Toulouse, France. There is more to dance than what you see on stage during a show or on a video clip.The reality of becoming a professional dancer is much more than that: it’s about learning to know oneself and mastering one's body, acquiring many technical skills in regards to various dance genres and being able to transmit one's knowledge. 


This documentary speaks of those who have learned to transform themselves through other works of art, who know how to control and express emotions, and have found their identity in motion through the spectrum of creation. Throughout this film, we can also witness how dancers continuously feed themselves with the strength of the collective and human bonds.

This project is produced in partnership with the James Carlès Choreographic Center and the streaming platform Numeridanse.

Trailer | Dancer’s Calling - Dance Documentary
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